Wednesday, 17 January 2018

How to Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution Widget

If you are using one of blogger designed template in your blog, you may have noticed a widget in the blog footer called attribution that says “Powered by Blogger”. If you have ever tried to remove this from your template, you will notice that it has been locked. The Attribution widget appears in the layout section of template, but when you click on the edit link of this widget you will notice that there is no remove option. So, in this tutorial, we’ll show you how to remove this locked powered by blogger widget.

remove attribution widget from blogger

How to Remove Attribution Widget from Blogger

Important Notice : Always back up your templates before making any changes on it.

Method 1 :

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.

2. Search for the code below in your template using ctrl + F

<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' title='' type='Attribution'>

3. Once you find  the attribution code, replace locked=’true with locked=’false

unlock attribution widget

4.  Now save your template. Now attribution widget is unlocked and it can be removed.

5 . Go to Layout page and then click on the edit link of Attribution widget.

6. Then hit Remove button as you can see in the screenshot below.

attribution widget

7. That’s All. You are done !

Method 2 :

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.

2. Now search the code ]]> </b:skin>

3. Now paste below code above it



4.  Click Save template.

5. You’re Done! You’ve successfully removed the Powered By Blogger attribution widget.

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