Wednesday, 17 January 2018
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How to Speed Up File Copying On USB Pen Drives

A pen drive is a portable USB flash memory device that helps to transfer data from one computer to another one. Many users after few days of usage complain about the copying speed while transferring files from computer to pen drive and vice-versa. Here are some tips to increase your USB flash drive data copying or transferring speed.

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How to Make your USB Flash Drive Faster

1. Formatting USB Drive as NTFS System

Normally we use FAT 32 file system in our pen drives. FAT32 system cannot transfer larger files (greater than 4GB) So always use NTFS file system.

Right click your Pen drive and click Format option. Then select File system as NTFS and click start button to format drive.


Note: Formatting will delete all your data. Backup all your data before formatting.

2. Changing USB Device Policy

  • Right click on your pen drive and click Properties.
  • Select your USB drive Under Hardwares and choose Properties.
  • Then select the policies tab and Select “Optimize for Performance” option.


Note : After enabling this option, make sure you use the Safely remove hardware option each time you remove the removable drive. otherwise you will get errors with the pendrive.

3. Using copy/transfer Software tool

Use a copy/transfer tool to speed up your copying.

TeraCopy : is a great useful tool designed to make files copy or move faster and secure. Using Teracopy to copy files will give you a significant speed boost. Download Teracopy

Enjoy !

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