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A Distinctive Overview of Most Recommended Solution to Recover Outlook Data

When we store or communicate through important emails and attachment files completely relying on this application. A single glitch in that application ruins our work. Jeopardy of MS Outlook is that this happens with Outlook most of the time. Outlook Recovery is a savior in such situations and has been designed with the same purpose. It also serves additional benefit of recovering the Outlook PST file data to other file format like MSG and EML letting users to access Outlook data in different email clients like Thunderbird. This review will trace down the important and highlight factors about this application helping users for its analysis.


Functions Where Outlook Recovery Outperforms

Ease of Execution

In the beginning features might get visible directly, but it is easy to coordinate with application and after executing it once, I can run in more confidently again. Demo version helps to this point and helps us not to take a big risk with investment. Interface is regular and non-interesting which at times becomes boring for an Outlook user (as its appearance is same) but is interactive and helpful to decide which step is supposed to be taken next. This has a positive side too, as users will not find issues to run tool as it has an Outlook-like appearance. Export options can be a little tricky as many options are available in same wizard, but if done with patience, it too becomes easy to execute and perform selections.

Targeted Users: Yes, it covers a wide range of users, right from beginners to professionals with respect to ease of execution.
Ratings: 4.6/5

Scanning Technique

Where recovery is primary objective of this tool, scanning techniques are must in application. Automated scanning is done for limited corruption, but if it fails Advance Scanning option can be used/checked which offers a thorough scanning of PST file. Prominent and effective scanning technology is offered and thus, despite of heavy corruption in PST file 95 percent of data is recoverable. This corruption comprises all sorts of errors and damages occurred in PST file. Scanning is perfectly done with large files as well. However, this tool is not integrated with selective or percentage wise scanning.

Targeted Users: Users facing heavy corruptions in PST files dealing with various damage issues can be benefited by this software.
Ratings: 4.7/5

Deletion Recovery

Al though my PST file had very less deleted email data items, but I could fetch back 97 percent of email data which was permanently deleted. I didn’t use this tool for deleted item recovery, but I can relate to users who are troubled due to accidental deletions. There is no specific option for Deleted Items recovery, Advance mode option has to be checked to follow deleted item recovery. And this includes; emails, contacts, tasks, notes, everything.

Targeted Users: Users facing crucial data deletion can opt for this application.
Ratings: 4.8/5

Extremely Quick

Yes, this software is relatively fast and each action is done within fraction of seconds. Loading of file took 30 seconds and despite of choosing Advance Scan which actually takes time as application follow high-tech algorithms to thoroughly scan file, scanning took only 55 seconds for .5 GB PST file. It is also directly proportional to the level of corruption in PST file but I am still amazed with the swiftness of tool.

Targeted Users: In case you are looking for a deft tool, this is undoubtedly the one for you.
Ratings: 4.9/5

Powerful Preview:

After the scanning and speed, preview is the most likable and effective feature of this tool. It not only enlists all the folders of PST file like table of contents but also enlists inside emails and content in right preview. IPM (interpersonal message) folder defined by MAPI which serve predefined roles as default folders for specific messages are also shown in preview. Again, if a specific email has to be viewed, individual email can also be viewed as Normal and Attachment view. Just because of these minor improvements as compared to other tools makes this software perfect for analysis.

Targeted Users: If selective data migration is your need, then this preview functionality is very useful for you.
Ratings: 4.8/5

How to Recover Outlook Data Files? (Outlook Recovery Execution)

1. Download this software and install it in your system where PST file is stored.


2. Software will check the pre-requisites and will show a check on it.


3. You can either go to Add File directly from Main Menu or click on File and select first option i.e. Add File.


4.  Click on Browse option and select the PST file.


5. For PST file selection, a window linking to your system will open. Here search for the file and open it.


6. After adding it, check for Advance Scan option (in case of deleted item recovery and high corruption in PST file). Then click on the Add File option.


7. Scanning process will be shown on screen. It depends on the file size, advance scanning mode, level of corruption in PST file, etc. how much time will software take for scanning. Once the scanning is done, PST file will be loaded. Left panel will show list of folders and selecting particular folder, contents of it will be enlisted in right-pane.


8. You can also select particular email to view it completely as Normal and Attachment view. Click on Export option after making selections of emails.

9.  Advance facility of choosing email file type is available. Mail filters can be applied providing dates in To and From options. Check option of PST Split and provide data size in MB. Click on Browse and provide a destination where the recovered file has to be stored. Then click on Export.


10.  Output: PST file with recovered data will be saved in the targeted location provided by you. Maximum data is recovered covering all the data items like; emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc.


Software focuses on recovering data in a fresh new PST file which is a raw file. Data will not get exported to your Outlook application directly. You will have to perform extra efforts to import PST file in MS Outlook. Contacts can be viewed but any field cannot be edited or any information cannot be added. But overall performance and recovery procedure done by application is commendable. Outlook Recovery comes with individual, enterprise and business licenses and is available online. With all the above mentioned helping positive functions, tool is a very effective for Outlook users in tackling PST corruption issues or repairing corrupt PST file. Individual function has been rated and overall performance of tool deserves 4.7 ratings.

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