Thursday, 22 February 2018
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How to Create a Bootable Windows 8, 7 or XP USB Drive [Wintoflash]

In this tutorial, we will show you a easy method to install any version of windows like windows 8.1, 8, 7, xp, vista, 2003, 2008 from USB flash drive.


  • Windows CD/DVD or ISO image
  • Wintoflash software
  • USB drive (minimum 4 GB)
  • Demon tools (If you are using ISO image)

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How to Install Windows 8.1/8/7/xp from USB Drive [Wintoflash]

Here is the step by step tutorial on how to  create a bootable windows usb drive for windows 8.1 , 8, 7, xp.

  1. Download Wintoflash software
  2. Extract the downloaded file and click Wintoflash.exe
  3. Now select Advanced Mode Tab in the Wintoflash window, it will give you various options. Select the one that you want to perform.

    Advanced Mode – Wintoflash
  4. Now it will ask you the windows source path and USB Drive. Select the address of the CD/DVD drive or mounted windows drive (For ISO image) and also give the path of the USB drive.

    Select Source Path – Wintoflsh
  5. Click on Run. It will warn you that your usb will be formatted continue with it and it will convert your usb into bootable windows usb drive.

Once this completed you will be ready to boot from usb, restart your computer and change the boot order in your BIOS . You will see either USB Drive / Removable Storage / The Make of your Flash Drive, select it and start installing windows from usb drive.


  1. Dear Techzain, the way you install the windows XP is good now when I try to add win 7 & 8.1 image it ask for format, so its meant that once I click on next it will format my usb drive and win XP will no longer work with win 7 or 8.1.

    Please help me in this regards. I know XP is ended but I want to keep in my USB gadget.

    I want windows XP+win7+win8.1 in one USB.

    1. For that you need an iso file containing all three setups .
      Once you get it ; create a bootable drive and its done….
      You will have all 3 windows at a time.


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